Due to time limitations this summer and in anticipation of a potential relocation to the US in the near future, we spontaneaously booked a flight to Boston. We had two weeks and wanted to see both, the city and the surroundings. Since we had touched Cape Cod already during our last visit, we planned to make only a short stopover there and then drive south to New York for a coffee in the Central Park. As ususal, things turned out differently, at least for the latter part. First, we dared to explore the city by bike, which turned out much more feasible and rewarding than we had expected. Then we visited our friends Miguel and Elisa who live here already for several years. But when we headed out of town in our rental car, the clouds tightened and the first two days of camping on the Cape were everything but dry.

Since we were eager to see the sun above the Cape, we stayed for another night and then another and another... In the end, we spend the whole week on that camp ground and most of it in the rain (a big thank you to the friendly Canadian who left us his rain blanket). But it was nevertheless a great time and we were rewarded when eventually the sun came out and the whole beauty of the Cape unfolded in front of us, including some humpback whales.






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