This time we wanted to visit Eastern Europe. Looking for countries within train distance from Hamburg, we discovered Slovenia with its relatively small surface area but highly diverse landscape. Since we like to hike in the mountains, watch birds in the woods and plains and dive in the sea, Slovenia appeared to be the perfect destination. With the Julian Alps, it boasts many beautiful and well-maintained alpine hiking oportunities. The carst contains some of the most amazing limestone caves, providing habitat for the Olm (Proteus anguinus) and other astonishing critters. The coast has both, pretty and picturesque villages and interesting, albeit not exceptional, diving spots. The coast is actually the most crowded part of the country, which comes as no surprise since it represents a relatively short strech wedged between Italy and Croatia. The Italian influence, originating from earlier occupation, is still perceivable and attracts many Italian tourists. We nevertheless enjoyed all parts of the country, spending about three weeks between Mount Triglav National Park and Piran at the coast.




The Julian Alps                 The coast

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