For the higher purpose of helping Tobi's mother, we set off and drove her car from Hamburg to Perpignan (2007) and back to Hamburg (2008). The deal was that we could take as much time as we wanted on the way. Therefore, the objective of the trip was not its destination, but the trip itself, which pretty much suffices as the definition for a road trip.

On the way, we visited friends and enjoyed the beautiful landscape and scenary of the Mediterranean coast, but also saw some places that we would never have visited otherwise. Relying on our old, but permeable tent, we spent mostly only one night at each place. The stops were chosen spontaneously and more based on olfactory and visual cues than reasoning as we didn't have any acurate map. This was outbalanced by our on-board navigation system 'Olga', which guided us through Europe with relyable and sometimes stubborn precision. The proposed ways were not always the most obivous, but somtimes entertaining and finally always lead to Rome, err Perpignan and Hamburg respectively. On the way back, we took over control from 'Olga' and detoured to the 'Cinque Terre', a beautiful stretch of former fishermen villages in Italy.

Castle Neuschwanstein                                                           German alps          

       Camping in the alps                                             Winding road on the Côte d'Azur


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