As we had already seen the Cote d'Azur on the way there, we decided to make a larger detour and explore the Mediterranaen coast a bit further. Without any guiding literature or maps, we spontaneously decided for the famous 'Cinque Terre'. Knowing approximately where it should be, we pinpointed a coastal village in that area and relied on 'Olga' to bring us there on the shortest way. We arrived late and luckily for us by chance had targeted a village with a camping ground. When we explored the village after an obligatory cappuccino and panino on the next morning, we realised that we had found a perfect place for some days of relaxation and hiking. It's name was Levanto and turned out to be the last village North of the beautiful, but over-crowded five villages of the Cinque Terre. We finally spent a week there, with reading, hiking along the coast, swimming and diving.

Architecture in the Provence

Levanto and the blue Mediterranean sea

Cinque Terre

After this great time we had to leave, but we were sure that we had made the best out of it. Nevertheless we still had highlights ahead, which were the visits of our friends Susi and Ralf in Zurich and Lissi and Mervin in Wiesbaden. In Zurich we explored the beautiful city and watched the last successful match of the German soccer team during the European Championship on the streets of Zurich. In Wiesbaden we stopped over and spent an pleasant evening with Lissi and Mervin. Finally, we arrived home safely and satisfied, assured by the fact that we had, by plan or by accident, seen some very nice places in Europe and that roadtrippin is the way to go.


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