When we planned our route to Perpignan, we made sure that we got the shortest way to the Mediterranean sea. By chance we realised that this would lead us as close to the famous Schloss Schwanstein as we would possibly ever get. Although both of us not being terribly romantic, we still decided to give it a try and indeed saw a spectacular scenery. Further along the way to Perpignan we stopped only shortly along the Mediterranean coast, but avoided the motorways and instead curved along the small coastal roads, which passed all of the scenic villages, including the famous Monaco. We also stopped by the vast and at that time of the year deserted plains of the Camargue. In Perpignan we were awaited by Tobi's mother and enjoyed some very nice days under her hospitatility. Together with her we hiked the Walter-Benjamin-Path, an ancient route over the Pyrenees, which was once used by many jews and other German intellectuals to escape the prosecution by the Nazis. We also visited the cave of Tautavel, where the oldest European human skull has been discovered.

                      Monaco                                                       Tobi with the obligatory baguette

The Walter-Benjamin-Path

Impressions from Collioure

The fortress of the kings of Mallorca in Perpignan

       A flowering opuntia                             A small alley in Collioure


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